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How to Talk With Your Ideal Woman

When choosing a man, the women tend to think about the personal qualities of men and not just from the way he looked. In a conversation on a first date, women pay more attention to the signs of masculinity and intelligence. They are looking for an interesting and fun guy.  In looking for a partner, women want a man who has a job with a good income and opportunities to advance in their careers.  Women studied the men from the way they talk to other men. Because it. Do not Talk to women like us talking to her. Because women choose a more harmonious way of speaking. And if you do that would be impressive if you are not interested in her and think she is just like your male friends.  Based on existing research, I summarize and share with you some ways to talk to women who can impress them.

  • Use Low Pitched Voice 
Tolk to women the tone of voice is determined by the physical characteristics of the larynx, which is strongly influenced by testosterone. Bass and baritone voice has more testosterone than a tenor ... and men who have a lot of testosterone, which is also known as the male sex hormone, has tremendous confidence, firm and manly impressed.  If asked, the women would say like a man with a deep voice. This point relates to the so-called "high risk" in a woman's menstrual cycle when estrogen levels they peaked. Men with low voice pitch sounds healthier, more mature, more dominant, and more MASCULINE.

  • Standing Upright  
If you want to make a good first impression to talk to women, stand up straight. Research shows that tall man memorable smarter and get more opportunities than shorter men. The man standing upright would be higher than the actual LOOK, LOOK, and they also will be more dominant.  If you would like to show you, do not bend. Currently showing gestures, the other is the best way of showing gestures widened by opening the body and makes the body look bigger than it is.

  • Use words and language that Intelligent  
Studies show that people who know more words are usually more intelligent than others.And for women, a man who can string words with new and exciting ways to give the impression that he was more intelligent than other men. If you want to make a woman want to impress or attract attention, demonstrate that you can combine words usual in a smart way. Creativity and eloquence can attract more attention. Of course difficult to demonstrate the level of knowledge you speak entirely in just a few seconds of conversation ... people with large vocabularies also know a lot more rare words.  For example, word "boring", when using the word alone, which is actually the common and the impression it does not matter, it will not suggest anything, but if changed to "not inspiring" or "bland", which is rare used in ordinary conversation, would give the impression that this guy Intelligent.
But it also needs to be careful in using this method. Because not everyone can apply it correctly and smooth. Wrong in the application it will be memorable if you are ARROGANT, SO SMART, SO STYLIST, Which certainly would make women ill feel the way you talk to women.  If you are not yet too can wear this way, never used. Should consider other ways to use it.

  • Show Sense of humor  
Many men prefer the woman who appreciates her sense of humor, and women tend to prefer men who can make them laugh. But be careful, because there are many kinds of humor. Women do not like jokes that make fun of other people, especially those who are less fortunate.  So ... should you buy a book of humor? You should save your money. Women do not like canned humor, intelligent humor Wear.  And not all the humor you can apply to every woman, you must know and get to know you first female speaker in order to provide appropriate humor. Talk to women you have to find your own way and humor to make her impressed.

  • Show that you are the Means. 
Women want a man who would try to reach to successful and motivated to achieve it. In your conversations, discuss dreams or your goals for future, and talk to women about how you plan to achieve it. Most women hoping to find an ambitious man, and they are willing to support or be a partner. It would be very helpful if you treat a woman as a potential mate and friend sharing, not just be a passive guardian.
Tell her something personal
If the relationship shows signs of depth, it's time to reduce the ways that speak more carefully and then use a more intimate style of expression.  Show your softer side. Tell her the things that happen when you are still a child. Discuss your problem. Show your seriousness. Self-disclosure is a way for women to build a trusting relationship, and this is also an important component of male-female relationships.

  • Ask for her opinion 
A conversation is an exchange that should have been a draw, and there are trade offs. Give her the same access. Ask for their opinions and show sincere respect upon her thoughts.  When he speaks, do not just sit, waiting for the next opportunity to get into the conversation. You must be keen in taking a gap so that you can get back in the conversation, so that balance is maintained. Women looking for a partner. Encourage women to express her views. And you also should be able to respond to their views SMARTER, not just say yes and accept their just so fun. Give your view, if you did not agree to say frankly. It would be easier if you could Fair since from the beginning the relationship. Because it is one factor supporting a HEALTHY relationship between men and women.

  • Listen to Her
In an intimate conversation, a woman may convey problems, insecurity and fear. Most men are natural engineers. Men tend to try to fix something and cheer the hero in us when we managed to fix it.  But an ERROR if you assume that all women want to solve the problem. Some problems do not have solutions, and she knew it. Often they just want to talk about it (just vent) and they want to squeeze-feeling heard and understood. If you want to make her seem, listen to her - and become a hero as you want.

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