Trik Internet Gratis XL PC Awal Agustus 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

On this occasion in this my great blog thealesca I'm gonna share about Trick XL for free Internet connection on PC by the tittle  "Trik Internet Gratis XL PC Awal Agustus 2013", along with screenshots so that readers will  easily to understand.

  1. First thing first download the application (XL Inject)  here
  2. Extract that file wherever you want
  3. Open XL INJECT application
  4. Then click start
  5. Download anti-DC XL so as not to disconnect here
  6. Don't forget to connect the modem first with any APN (as long as it can not connect)
  7. Setting the Mozilla Firefox. klick otions, advanced, network, settings, select Manual proxy. Proxy port 3333 then check "Use this proxy for all protocols". for easy setting. see in the following screenshot:
  8. IDM settings (if you are using IDM) click option, Proxy/Socks, check proxy, enter the proxy port 3333. then check http, https and ttp. for more. see the following SS:
Note (must read):
  1. Request password on this Facebook Page ==> (Feel free Insha Allah will be replied)
  2. Use minimal pulse Rp. 0.
  3. Oya, who has been successful or not still understand, please leave a comment below or discuss this on my Facebook page ==>
  4. To get other formations about it you might also visit my partner blog at
  5. you can also combine this setting with Ultrasurf or you decide to use  use ultrasurf application (XL Inject only) but certainly there's a different speed both of them.  for more obvious see these SS:
    Speed without Ultrasurf

    Speed combine with Ultrasurf

That's it, Trik Internet Gratis XL PC Awal Agustus 2013,  I hope it helps. thank you for visiting. The last,  I congratulate pilgrimage fasting 1434 H. hopefully the trick could work until the Eid ..

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Admin Mr. Tee


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    1. mhon mf masih d perbaiki.. req link d fanpage facebook

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  3. inject msih belum bisa di unu ya gan??

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    Gausa susah2. Niat ngebagi ya di share

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      kalo situ niat make ya usaha lah..

  5. boz nh syarat pke XL paket apa boz?

  6. gan passwordnya

    1. FB Saya Rachmad Nag'h Boenyu

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      nanti saya balas. ok?

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