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Trik Internet Gratis AXIS PC September 2013

Trik Internet Gratis AXIS PC September 2013Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

In this occasion alesca blog would like to share Trik Internet Gratis PC AXIS September 2013. it means How to get free Internet connection by using SC AXIS. 

An other day I ever shared about free internet connection by using this same SC AXIS but that had disconnected or co id.

But the good news is that now I present you the great trick by AXIS. baik ya?
at present also i'd like to share this trick by multi tool/multi inject. means that inject not only useful for axis but contain for Indosat and XL. and those all work 100%.

OK let's do it.
  1. first thing first download inject from here. alternative download from here.
  2. Request Password here.
  3. Download also ultra-surf from here, alternative download from here.

After all downloaded, let's set your browser Mozilla Firefox and downloader IDM:
  1. Connect your modem by any APN.
  2. Open tool Inject. in configuration select Axis then click Listen. 
  3. Open Ultrasurf and set to manual proxy. proxy: port: 8080. 
  4. Then wait your Ultra-surf till "Successfully connected to server". you probably need to wait about 5 sec. 
  5. After ultra-surf is connected so you only have one setting to get your free internet. what is that shit?
  6. OK, the last is set your Mozilla Firefox and IDM (Internet Download Manager) to manual proxy. Proxy port 9666. 
    Set Mozilla
    Set IDM
  7. And finally all is done. happy browsing and downloading.

  • Actually, this inject also may be used as direct or polos. it's gonna work without fuckin' ultrasurf. but recommended not to direct. so, be indirect here.
  • I don't share the tools vulgarly, because for safety all for us together.
  • If you still don't get it all, please leave your comment  or let's talk over at facebook page here.
  • Use the minimum pulse if you do not want to loss your balanced and get bankrupt.

That's it Trik Internet Gratis PC AXIS September 2013, I apologize my English is little good and much bad. but it's all I'm still learning.

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
Mr. Tee

Update terbaru silahkan kunjungi ini Trik Internet Gratis Axis PC Terbaru.

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