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Trik Internet Gratis Axis PC Oktober 2013

Trik Internet Gratis Axis PC Oktober 2013
Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

At this time thealesca blog is gonna share about Trik Internet Gratis Axis PC Oktober 2013, just notice that i ever shared about Trik Internet Gratis Axis PC Akhir September 2013 last time ago and till this time that still works. but any differentiates both of them such as in the tools, 

If last time I used Inject but now  in this "trik gratis azis" i'm using Privoxy and Gapprox. of course many differentiates both of them in speeds and supports. if you like the speed you better using this trick than other.

OK let's begin. and this trick will easy to apply if you pay more attention to treat this great "trik gratis azis". then You must download the following tools:
  1. Download first tool here.
  2. Download second tool here.
  3. Request password Inbox/PM here (feel free and not to worry Insha Allah I'll reply you)
After all downloaded you must set the Mozilla Firefox and IDM (Internet Download Manager) here are how to set your Mozilla and IDM.

How to use:
  • Mozilla: Menu, click "Tools", "Options", "Advanced", "Network", "Setting". then you chose "Manual Proxy" by Proxy Port 8000. Done and happy browsing.
  • IDM: click "Options", chose tab "Proxy / Socks" and check "Use Proxy" Proxy Port 8000. Done and happy download.
Before leave this page "Trik Internet Axis PC Oktober 2013" you must read the important rule of this "trik gratis", because this is good for you and good for us.

  • Use the minimum pulse, recommended Rp. 0.
  • I locked rar files because for safety this trick "Trik Internet Axis PC Oktober 2013" to get last forever. You've gotta get it.
  • This trick "Axis Gratis on PC Oktober" is fully free for you. so you don't ever make it to commercial. if your friend wants to get such this trick "Gratis Axis on PC Oktober", just invite them and visit this blog page.
  • If you still don't understand this "Trick Internet Gratis PC from Axis Oktober 2013", please leave a comment bellow or let's talk over on my Facebook page here.
  • Oya for the second tool namely Gapprox, it has limited quota for each day it's approximately 1GB/day. so if you want a unlimited quota you must have your own Gapprox.
If we use the different tools of course will different effect of your internet connection. speed and so on of course in this "trik gratis azis". plus and minus.

  • By this trick "Gratis Axis on PC Oktober 2013" or this "trik gratis azis" you'll get full speed. on browsing and download. if you use Inject that I've given, I found low speed, so you're so lucky, because you have chosen the right choice like this "trik gratis azis".
  • This is suitable for download, browsing or streaming on the internet.
  • You might visit the web that blocked. so you'll brows freely.
  • By this trick you also find the minus or shortage of this trick, which is in other web you can't access the "https". 

That's all Trik Internet Gratis Axis PC Oktober 2013, I hope it's the trick "Trik Internet of Axis PC on Oktober 2013" that you're looking for. and I hope it helps.

I'm Mr. Tee on "trik gratis azis" bye bye.
Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb

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