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Trik Internet Gratis XL PC Lebaran 1434 H, Agustus 2013

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
Welcome to thealesca blog. You’re the only one who comes to my great tutorial named “Trik Internet Gratis XL PC Lebaran 1434 H, Agustus 2013” means trick how to get free internet connection on PC by SC XL. 


You’re lucky cuz here I share fully with screenshots so that you’ll be easy to understand. Before talk more about it, you’ve probably gotta know that this trick is same with the trick before it titled “Trik Internet Gratis XL PC Awal Agustus 2013” but it’s different tools and setting.

Let’s check it out!
  1. First thing first download this tools here 
  2. Download XL anti DC here 
  3. Request password here (feel free and don’t be shy coy, Insya Allah I’ll replay your Message as soon as possible)
  4. Don’t forget to connect your modem by any APN
  5. Setting browser Mozilla Firefox to manual proxy. Click tools => options => advanced => Network => setting => check-box manual proxy configuration http proxy port  5000 and check-box "Use this proxy for all protocol". Then OK and OK. Done. Happy browsing and streaming with full speed. For easy setting see the following screenshot:
    Mozilla Setting
  6. Setting download tool. I use IDM (internet download manager) first, open your IDM Click Option => Proxy/Socks => check-box "Use Proxy" => Proxy Server Address port 5000. check-box http https ftp. Click OK and Done. Happy download with full speed. Hehe for easy setting, look the following screenshot:
    IDM Setting
  7. Oya if you wanna get other experience you may use Ultrasurf, SSH and Proxyfier.
  8. All done.
Importance should not close this page:
  1. Please be advised for my password for private security once more you must request here.
  2. This trick is just as pure knowledge, not intent to harm the next party, what with the intent arrogant. got it? 
  3. This trick still work since this post was published.
  4. Use the pulse Rp. 0 so that you are not sucked pulse and also for safety. 
  5. If successful awaited testimony comment below. who are still confused let's talk over at my Facebook fanpage
  6. Tool above is not mine, but I can from a friend on facebook so can not specify the source.

The last a weak of me, 
"help with treasure, but I have nothing, the science was not able to, suppose that this is the-THR from me."

Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

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